Water Filling Issues: Multiplying Batteries May not be The Best Solution

Water Filling Issues: Multiplying Batteries May not be The Best Solution

Are you wondering about the maintenance of Forklift battery? Well, this is something essential and important to take proper care and maintenance of forklift battery. At present, it becomes crucial to take good battery watering to improve the expectation of forklift batteries. In every forklift, the battery takes a major role and it’s around thirty percent of the cost of the forklift; therefore, automatic battery watering system becomes crucial for every industry to consider.

Why it is important to focus on battery watering?

The life of industrial battery is around 5 to 6 years. Hence, if proper watering is not done then the life expectancy of industrial batteries will go down around half within 1 to 2 years. Once in every 6 months, batteries required to be appropriately watered that reduces the cost of maintenance and boost safety

When you should focus on battery watering?

The normal time of battery run time is around eight hours and after that an eight hours of charging is required and eight hours to cool. Most forklifts hold an indicator that gives signals about battery watering. Hence, you need to know the right time to charge the batteries or it may lead to acid leakage and boiling of water.

What is the procedure to water a battery?

This is very imperative for everyone to understand, as there are ample of methods to water a battery. Well, whenever you try to water a battery, you need to watery each battery one by one, reaching to the lead acid plates. Always make sure not to over water the battery. Some of the best methods of battery watering system are gravity feed system, hose or watering gun system, over water and under watering. Gravity feed system and hose or watering gun system requires flashlight to know the water level in every cell.

Undoubtedly, Orizen BWS for commercial use is ideal for forklifts in industries; as it gives you ease to water batteries in an automatic way. Now, there won’t be any water filling issues for batteries and no way to buy multiplying batteries to store for future use. Battery watering system is the only solution to fix issues related to battery drainage and it is so much convenient.

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