Service Packages from Orizen:

  • Biannual servicing of Batteries & Chargers in our workshop.
  • Service Level Agreement / Monthly Maintenance Agreement for both batteries and chargers.
  • One month notice either side to keep the flexibility of getting out of so called CONTRACTS.
  • Service technician on site to test batteries and chargers every month followed by exceptions report to the management.
  • Delivery of battery water free of cost every month.
  • Onsite replacement of faulty cells, connectors, vent caps, plugs and harness.
  • Manage Battery Bays with trained people on sites (Men on site).
  • Service batteries / Deliver batteries on weekends if required but in extreme urgencies only (as of now).
  • Rental of Industrial Batteries & Chargers.
  • Design and Management of Battery Bays.
  • Men on Site for Handling Battery Changes.
  • Onsite Tyre fitment through mobile press.