Selecting the Right Solid Forklift Tyre

Selecting the Right Solid Forklift Tyre

When purchasing  forklift tyres, many consumers look to buy economy tyres based on price. It is important that they understand what their actual requirements are and know what type of  tyre they are buying. Each tyre comes with different tread, compound or ply rating, which ensures the tyre used will best fit the application. When your forklift tyre is in good shape, it reduces the stress and wear on the transmission as well as the forklift driver, improves overall Safety, and offers best value for money.

Consider the conditions the forklift will be working in for example: indoor or outdoor or rough terrain and for how many shifts the forklift will be working.

From pricing point of view, following options are usually available in the market:

Economy Tyres

Designed for forklifts in light duty applications or intermittent use with only 2 stages of rubber compound. These are inexpensive solid tyres

Mid Range Tyres

Designed for forklifts in heavy-duty applications and 2 shifts or 16 hour shits. These tyres have a 3 stage rubber compound and priced above the economy tyre but more reasonably offering good value for money.

Top Range Tyres:

Designed for forklifts in extreme applications which work 3 shifts or 24 hours .These tyres have a 4 stage rubber compound and are priced accordingly.

For the best option of forklift tyres and more details, reach our sales team.

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