Long Term Rental (LTR)

More than 36 months

Short Term Rental (STR)

Less than 36 months

Why rent from us?

We present you with a new forklift for rental periods of 36 months or more

  • Current Forklift Rental fleet of 60 plus machines
  • Competitive Rental Pricing based on hours of your operation suited to your application.

We are a tailor-made solutions-based business, ready to customise the rental according to your needs:

  • Battery and Charger (Lithium Ion/Lead Acid)
  • Electric Forklift rental (Lead Acid/Lithium Ion including charger)

Warehouse Machinery rental

  • Electric Power Pallet Trucks
  • Stackers
  • Reach Trucks
  • Order Pickers
  • VNA Solutions

Cloud based Monitoring of the following:

  • Unit – GPS Locations settings; Geo-fencing; Impact alarms
  • Battery status – charge and discharge times; battery power; Traction motor temp; Speed; etc.
  • Live feedback data
  • Fault reporting – excessive idle; incorrect starting; operator not present at start; etc.