Water Filling System (BWT)

Water Filling System (BWT)

- Battery Watering Technologies (BWT) (USA) have entrusted us to be their exclusive distributor with regards to their new innovative water filling system. BWT has reimagined the technology by providing a high-quality product which keep the working parts above the cell.

The new innovative design consists of:

  • Hydrometer port - Obtain hydrometer readings without removing valve
  • Tubing barbs - Assists in easy installation
  • Electrolyte level indicator eye - Needed to confirm the functioning of valves
  • Z-Lock - The feature allows for extra valve strength
  • Low profile design - Reduced risk from battery cables
  • Clip-in base - Assists in easy installation
  • Solid one-piece float - Acid, temperature and impact resistant
  • Fully assembled kit - Assists in quick installation
  • Widest pressure range - Valve operates with a pressure up to 35 psi
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