TAITAN Tow Tractors

G series 1.5-6t AC type electric tractor is popular for appearance and reliable performance is a new generation of environment friendly tractor designed by TAITAN. With ergonomic design & driving comfort, operation space and environmental protection are ensured.

It is a battery powered three-wheel tractor. The steering wheel is front wheel and the drive wheel is rear wheel. The truck has low noise, powerful traction force, easy operation and flexible steering.

Drive system

  • Special drive axle for AC type electric tractor is assembled on 1.5-4t tractor offering low noise, no pollution, stable travelling and good sealing condition
  • TAITAN homemade reducer case and drive axle assembly are assembled on the 2.5-6t tractor offering compact structure and stable transmission.

Steering system

  • Structure compacted sprocket drive structure is applied on the front wheel offering flexible and easy steering operation and high efficiency.
  • Dual-tyre structure is applied on 5-6t tractor offering stable travelling.

Superior intellectualized design

  • Superior intellectualized designs not only ensure operator and truck safety but also improve working efficiency, reduce energy consumption.

Operating system

  • Proper angle and position of braking pedal and acceleration pedal and slight pedal force fully satisfy ergonomic requirements.
  • Adjustable steering wheel fits different operator’s size.
  • With good brake effect in cold condition and enough brake force, national mandatory performance standards in service brake and parking brake are satisfied.
  • With inching button, safe and precise connection between the tractor and trailer is ensured through inching forward or backward

Easy and reliable side-pulling battery changing method

  • It is optional on 2-3t tractor

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