Solid Tyres for Forkliftst


The Eclat tyre represents our premium range applicable for shifts which are greater than 8 hours. The Eclat tyre has been seen as an innovative tyre due to its environmentally sustainable components, cool running and low rolling resistance to bring about a cost-effective per hour utilisation product.

Eclat Solid forklift tyres supplier in Johannesburg, Gauteng



The Kilomax tyre represents our mid-range tyre and is a durable/all-round effective tyre as it comprises of the stable from the Eclat tyre and perfected design as well as compounding leads to an overall impressive product. The tyre is suitable for applications where shifts are less than 8 hours.

Maximal kilomax solid forklift tyre for heavy lifting



The Milemax tyre represents our budget range applicable for shifts which are less than 8 hours. The tyre has a unique upgraded design which results in a longer lasting tread compound.

Milemax non-pneumatic forklift tyre sale for outdoor lift truck


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