Forklift Battery Chargers

Smarteasy Chargers

Smart Easy intelligent battery chargers are plug-and-play chargers that offer smarter charger experiences.

The Smart Easy cable-style battery charger has been developed for maximum ease of use. Its fully automatic adaptive charging curves support all batteries in multiple sizes.

Smart Easy battery chargers offers superior energy efficiency and features built-in safety and protection for fool-proof charging and battery protection.

An integrated battery sensor and built-in temperature compensation in the Smart Easy battery charger, optimise the charge power based on the actual battery temperature. This prevents the battery from overheating.

The Smart Easy battery charger offers fully automatic charging with dynamic adjustments based on the battery's age, temperature, and state of charge. This eliminates the need for manual programming of the charger.

The easy-to-use Smart Easy battery charger features a built-in flashlight, display showing status of charging and charge level, quick connectors and convenient carrying bag.

Smart Easy better chargers:

  • Combine expert user influence with simplicity
  • Allow user-selectable battery size, optimising charging time and battery lifetime
  • Combine best possible charging without any end-user supervision
  • Are fully automatic for ease of use
Smarteasy Chargers


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