LIONBRIX Lithium-Ion System

  • The LionBrix lithium ion batteries are supplied by Micropower (Sweden). This is a modular battery system that is quite simple to assemble and build according to battery sizes/capacity. With the use of automated production lines, Micropower Group has ensured a high-quality product and greater levels of production.
  • The LionBrix system comprises of NCA technology which has high levels of energy density which makes it applicable for heavy duty applications where one uses the forklift for 250 hours or more per month. The NCA lithium ion technology also allows for an application that uses multiple shifts of 2 x 8/3 x 8 hour shifts and with opportunity charging at 0.8C you have a fully charged battery from 20% to 100% in 60 minutes.
  • The LionBrix lithium ion system is safe as there are functions on the cell, mechanic and BMS level.
  • The GET CLOUD system allows for wireless communication and monitoring of data and it is possible to view all battery data through the app with near field communication (NFC) also enabled.
  • Ultimately the LionBrix lithium ion system is superior to any other offering you 3 lives; heavy duty forklift use, medium duty reach truck or similar equipment use and light duty UPS/Inverter back-up solution use.
LIONBRIX Lithium-ion System

LIONBRIX Lithium-ion System

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