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Lion Charger

The Lion battery charger is a high-frequency charger developed for lithium-ion battery technology. It is a three-phase charger that is mostly used for lithium-ion batteries.

Lion battery charger features

The Lion battery charges provides a fast, hassle-free charging experience. Its energy-efficient MOSFET design intelligently converts accurate power from AC to DC while charging li-ion batteries.

The Lion battery charger is fitted with accessories like a real-time clock, radio transceiver and remote start in standard edition, with other additional accessories to add on, such as stands, safety disconnect, and Access Gateway.

An estimated 2 000 charging cycle’s statistics and deviations are stored in the Lion battery charger’s memory for future access.

The Lion battery charger adapts its power use according to the available main fuse, making it possible to always give out maximum power.

As it is moisture-resistant and works perfectly in dusty and tropical environments, the Lion battery chargers is perfect for outdoor and cold store purposes.

The Lion battery chargers allows three charge block-out periods to avoid times of peak demand and optimise energy costs. It also eliminates the risk of sparks due to its advanced automatic start and stop when the charger connected to the battery.

Lion battery chargers allow for rapid and reliable top-up charging. It is space-saving and compact, making it ideal for minimising installation footprints.

Lion Charger

Lion battery charger

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