EPT20-RA Series Pallet Truck

Electric Pallet Truck 2.0/2.5/3.0T

To ensure stability at high speed, the EPT20-RA series comes with a driving floating system to give a great ride. This truck can also be applied in narrow-aisles as a walkie pallet truck to cover long distance transport with an optional electric power steering.

features :

  • Ideal Option for Heavy Duty Long Distance Material Handling Tasks.
  • Driving Wheel Pressure Auto-compensation Patent Design Makes Operation Comfortable & Smooth.
  • Dual-Monitoring Electric Steering Offers Safer and Simpler Operations.
  • Driving Speed up to 12KM/H Greatly Improves the Efficiency of Long-distance Job.
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  EPT20-RA Series Pallet Truck EPT20-RA Series Pallet Truck EPT20-RA Series Pallet Truck EPT20-RA Series Pallet Truck
Capacity 2.0T 2.0T 2.5T 3.0T
Fork Width 540/600/685mm 540/600/685mm 540/600/685mm 540/600/685mm
Fork Length 1150/1220mm 1150/1220mm 1150/1220mm 1150/1220mm
Battery 24V/210Ah 24V/210Ah 24V/210Ah 24V/210Ah
Travel Speed 6.0km/h 6.0km/h 6.0km/h 6.0km/h
Controller AC AC AC AC

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