Orizen Group have an extensive range of premium quality tyres for forklift trucks. Our Solid forklift tyres are engineered specifically to handle all work load’s in any industry. Due to the three stage compound our tyres offer good cushioning and driver comfort to forklift operators.

Our tyres are manufactured from the best rubber and material sourced globally to ensure a special rubber mix of wear-resistant tread and highly elastic centre assuring extremely good rolling resistance and in turn reducing energy consumption.

While lifting and moving heavy objects, your forklift truck requires proper grip and support. This is extremely important, as loss of control due to tyre failure in any application can cause fatal accidents or severe damage to capital equipment. We understand the need for a reliable forklift tyre that allows peace of mind in any situation. Orizen Group supplies premium Forklift tyres for all applications and our products are suitable for two shift operations

Each of our tyres has its own individual serial number, which enables accurate records to be maintained.

Solid tyres in contrast to pneumatic tyres guarantee trouble free running from the first hour in operation onward. Solid tyres are maintenance free from fitment date to the time they are removed. The thickness of the wear-resistant tread gives our super elastic tyres several times the mileage of pneumatic tyres and therefore a longer service life.


Our tyres offer in comparison with pneumatic tyres qualities which can be of great importance in the critical area of an operational or load situation. With their large footprint and matched cushion characteristics our tyres compensate for extreme side thrust forces. 

Benefits of Our Forklift Tyres 

We are a reputed and recognized distributor of quality tyres for forklift trucks. You can count on us for any size and type of order.

  • In South African market you can find 2 to 3 different quality of tyres that vary in life span and operating hours. Orizen believes in only ONE excellent quality tyre, with three stage compound, steel bead wire at the base and offers 2 shift operating capacity.
  • Orizen offers 8” to 24”Industrial solid tyres, capable of harsh working conditions including underground mining operations.
  • Our honesty and integrity is important to us .We offer a quality product, excellent service and are able to repair, supply any type of industrial rims for forklifts, trailers and underground equipment.
  • Orizen’s technicians are well trained to make sure that your forklift tyres are fitted professionally and accurately in record time. Our teams can pick up any tyre or rim problems you may have on site.

So why opt for any forklift tyre brand when you are assured our quality products at a good price? In other words you can say BEST RATIO OF FORKLIFT RUN HOURS TO RANDS SPENT. It’s not the price but the hours that count!!

Ask our sales department for advice, information or pricing on our products and services as well as free on-site tyre surveys within a 60km radius from our offices in Jet Park.

Always keep in mind; forklift trucks require application-specific tires. Get a detailed idea on selecting the accurate Forklift Tyre which will ensure efficiency and safety for your forklift operator and equipment.

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