Forklift Battery Chargers

Access Charger

The Access charger is a reporting charger which is able to communicate with other Access chargers wirelessly or with the use of a laptop/PC. It is an energy saving charger compatible with many batteries and is ideal for applications/sites with multiple batteries.

Micropower Group forklift battery chargers

Micropower Access Chargers

Sharp Charger

The Sharp charger is a non-reporting charger which is also energy efficient. The charger is regulated and suits most batteries. It is suitable for applications/sites that consists of a few number of batteries.

Micropower group sharp charger for electric forklift batteries

Micropower Sharp Chargers

Lion Charger

A high frequency charger which has been developed for lithium ion technology.

Lion Charger


Smarteasy Chargers

Smarteasy Chargers


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