Aqualess battery sale for forklift use South Africa
TAB Aqualess Batteries
  • Water refill interval is efficiently reduced
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Low maintenance and reduced operational costs
  • Reduced charging factor
  • 50 to 80% reduced gas release and ventilation requirements
  • 20 to 30% less charging time
  • Cost saving due to lower energy consumption from 10-20%
  • Reduced operating temperatures

Some of the most dynamic advantages are

  • Water refilling interval up to 13 weeks (at normal duty applications with 80% DOD C5, 1cycle per day; 5 days per week, Electrolyte T=30°C)
  • For these batteries proper chargers must be used
  • Cells are equipped with Electrolyte Mixing system (using charger with integrated air)
  • Batteries are assembled with Central Water Filling system
  • Each battery has an Electrolyte Level Sensor (length according manufacturer specifications). With its red light it gives signal to the user when water refilling is needed.