EP Standard Battery Forklifts For Sale - Lead-Acid Forklifts

EP CPD15/18/20/25F8(-H)  Forklift

EP CPD15/18/20/25F8(-H) FORKLIFT

EP CPD30/35FT8(-H) Forklift


EP CQD12R/RF Reach Truck

EP CQD12R/RF reach truck

EP CQD-RV Series Reach Truck

EP CQD-RV Series reach truck

  • Orizen prides itself on providing top quality lead-acid battery powered forklifts.
  • Our USP is in our experience and we fit the specific forklift model with our own Orizen lead-acid battery which comes with 20 plus years of experience and knowledge. This is imperative when it comes to your forklift as the battery is your engine and we are masters of this component.
  • Our standard warranty is described as follows:
    1 year free replacement
    4 years pro rata replacement plan
    1,500 lifecycles at 80% depth of discharge
    1 shift per day, 5 days a week equating to 1 shift per day - 300 days per year
  • We also provide a premium, full free replacement battery warranty and are the only company in South Africa to do so, this is dependent upon the following factors:
    Standard warranty conditions met
    No abuse of battery
    Our specific BFS (battery water filling system) fit
    Our specific BMU (battery monitoring unit) fit
    A monthly maintenance agreement in place
    Use of our chargers as supplied by Micropower Group (Sweden)
    If all above conditions are met and adhered to we will provide a full free replacement of your lead acid battery, no questions asked.
  • Furthermore, we pride ourselves on providing tailor-made electric forklift solutions and hence have an array of lead acid batteries to choose from:
    1. Standard fill H20 batteries - 8 Hour Shift Application & Water filling required once per week
    2. Aqualess batteries - 8 Hour Shift Application & Water filling required once every 2 to 3 months
    3. Power Square batteries - 10-12 Hour Shift Applications & water filling required once per week
    4. NexSys Fast Charge batteries - 2 x 8 OR 3 x 8 Hour Shifts Per Day, Plug ’n Play & Maintenance Free
  • The above options are key in assisting various applications in finding a suitable forklift truck which has all the necessary specifications to realise optimum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.