Industrial Battery Charger

Chargers have the most crucial role to play in order to maintain a battery’s performance. Whenever a battery is not functioning properly over fifty percent of battery problems are caused not because of the battery itself but due to wrong or insufficient Amp charging of the battery. Therefore, a proper charging strategy is based on battery technology, temperature, state of charge and most importantly the application. Today there are many types of chargers available in the market for multiple purpose such as simple chargers for mobile phones, intelligent chargers, solar chargers, and for industrial usage such as High frequency, Silicon-Controlled-Rectifier, Hybrid chargers to name a few.

Electronic industry is seen to be growing rapidly due to smart technology innovation and rising demand for well-connected devices which is the main reason driving  the industrial battery charger market.

Orizen Group, provides such varieties of industrial chargers for a smart and easy battery charging experience. We are into distribution of Micropower products certified as per UL and CSA standards which includes High-frequency chargers, automotive battery charger and LION chargers.

The chargers are basically performance based crafted with MOSFET design which helps in accurate converting of AC power to DC power levels for maximum efficiency over 90% making them cost-effective. This also enables the battery to have a longer life expectancy which can be perfectly suited for automotive applications combined with ionic mixing and flexible charging to ensure charging of the extra battery. The chargers are invented in a way which delivers for maximum ease of use, are light-weighted and low volume, and can withstand very high vibrations, harsh and tropical environment. Industrial battery chargers can be powered by all commonly existing mains voltages with minimum capacities ranging from 10kW up to 13kW along with customized charging to build up a powerful cluster of desired capacity. The charging program of the chargers is meant for all types of Lead-Acid batteries and Lithium batteries.  Micropower Access range of chargers have the unique feature of communicating with other chargers through a radio transceiver which ultimately optimizes the total consumption power of the battery fleet. Micropower also deals in Battery Monitor Unit which acts as a surveillance to monitor the battery status and other related information.


The new generation of BMUs and Micropower chargers facilitates monitoring of the complete battery fleet via the GET App.

GET is a cloud based IoT application launched by Micropower.It is compatible with all Micropower products and connected to Micropower Support Centre.It is aimed at optimizing battery and charger usage in the material handling industry.

The products can automatically upload statistical information to the GET Cloud or manually extract it through the GET mobile application. These products can report data, service status/trouble shooting once they are configured with the GET system.

The GET Connected Gateway interacts with all Access and Lion chargers and GET Ready BMUs. It extracts data and uploads it to the GET Cloud. It also send configurations, commands and updates to compatible devices. The GET Connected Gatewaycommunicates with Internetover ethernet, WiFi or 4G.

With the help of GET Service Tool you can download the complete charging statistics wirelessly, from the last 2000 charging cycles with history, events and 7000 momentary measurements and upload those to the GET Cloud. With the GET Service Tool, you can also configure Micropower chargers and GET Ready BMU parameters wirelessly from your PC.

GET allows for overall control over the fleet remotely thus increasing operational efficiency. The constant monitoring leads to economy of time and service and maintenance, hence increasing the uptime.