Micropower Access Battery monitoring Unit (BMU) is a very efficient tool for surveillance of your batteries. Battery Monitoring Unit is communicating wirelessly both with the Access battery charger and the Access Service Tool.

Micropower Access Battery Monitoring Unit gives you the battery status, information about how it has been charged and discharged, if the acid level is too low and if you have a shorted cell.

It also communicates the battery temperature to the charger, which automatically adjusts the charging power to keep it optimized for the battery. This is especially important in cold store and tough applications where batteries are expected to be cool or hot when charging.

Micropower Access Battery Monitoring Unit

(The new Design has temp. sensor & water level indicator, combined into one probe thereby communicating the exact battery electrolyte temperature to the charger)

  • Micropower Access Battery monitoring unit
    • Mounted on battery negative pole or between two cells.
    • 24-96 V battery voltage
    • 100 mA 1500 A
    • Acid level, temperature and voltage balance sensor included
  • Functions
    • Battery monitoring with LED indicators
    • BBC Best Battery Choice
      • Battery priority system
      • Only the BMU with the most suitable battery within the BBC group will activate output
    • Statistics
      • History: The 2300 last charge/discharge cycles
      • Event: Alarm log book and battery usage tracking
      • Instant: Momentary logs taken in a configurable sample period, storage capability >7000 samples
    • Configuration of battery from PC, quick and easy
    • Battery module includes charging parameters, different types of batteries can use the same MP Access charger
    • Radio communication included

MP Access Service tool

  • PC application for Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7)
  • USB device with radio communication
  • Easy to use user interface
  • Functions
    • Configuration of charger and batteries
    • Set system time, all batteries and chargers are time synchronized
    • Set charger power limits
    • Read out statistic information:
      • History, Event, Instant
    • View statistic information
    • Export of statistics
    • Monitor battery, charger and system status

Battery Management System