In warehouses every day millions of goods are loaded, unloaded, handled and shipped all over the world. Moreover, for a warehouse to work efficiently and with minimum downtime, all types of equipment and its accessories must work perfectly.

Micro-power is one such link in this chain, together with you we create warehouses where forklifts and other battery driven industrial vehicles to get to work efficiently.

In a warehouse, so many batteries are replaced frequently and that makes the forklift operator’s job very stressful. Replacing batteries in the correct way with the right batteries is the key to improve forklift and its operator efficiency. In this case, Micropower battery management system is the best choice.

Micropower access makes sure drivers always select the most suitable battery with regard to the state of charge and operating hours. It saves time and increases battery life.

The new high-performance access chargers that come with the battery management solution can communicate with each other wirelessly and indicate the battery with the best state of charge as the choice for the forklift driver. In Micropower access, each battery could be fitted with a monitoring unit that registers battery status throughout battery life. The battery data can be transferred wirelessly to a computer; therefore, it is possible to retrieve the status of the entire battery fleet from the system by a personal computer using the Micropower battery management system.

Micropower access is also an effective fast charger and opportunity charger. Micropower access charger automatically provides the correct charge at the shortest possible time, without the risk of overheating. With Micropower battery management solution, you can maximize efficiency and optimize battery life, which will prevent unnecessary downtime and help you in cost reduction. For that particular matter, you should possess the knowledge on how to improve your battery life by following certain factors.

Battery Management System