In this fast paced world a backup and emergency powered battery truly serves as a boon for almost every one of us. With rising pressure of workload an UPS battery which acts as a battery storage is considered as the key requisite for smooth functioning of operations. UPS means uninterruptible power supply, the kind of power supply you need when there is shortage of power from the primary source. This accounts for a great way to save all of your important data within sufficient given amount of time. Orizen gets the best standby or ups batteries in the market for you to enjoy the overall benefits of excellent battery charging time.


  • Long Service Life on Float Charging Mode
  • SAN Transparent Container for Easy Inspection & Maintenance
  • Less Topping-up Frequency, due to special Selenium Alloy
  • Minimum Loss of Capacity on Stand-by
  • Excellent Charge Acceptance Ability
  • High Discharge Performance‘ Cells can be offered on request


  • Large UPS Systems
  • Power Generating Stations
  • Inverter Power Supply Applications
  • Power Sub-Stations
  • Switching Systems & Instrumentation
  • Signaling & Telecommunication Systems

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