LIONBRIX Li-ion System

The Nickel Cobalt Aluminum Oxide or NCA powered LIONBRIX from micropower accounts for high energy, power and safety. It a complete system with charger, battery, management system and IoT combability, which is developed, tested and transported as per international directives. LIONBRIX is a flexible battery innovation and modular-based Li-ion battery system, which is easy to use, safe and fast to provide long life high performance solution for the best energy storage.

It is fully integrated and optimized to meet the necessary requirements for the toughest applications. The complete Li-ion Battery System includes everything from renowned manufactured chargers to the modular Li-ion battery modules and management system for safety that also lets one to communicate wirelessly with other Lion chargers or even with your laptop for maximum efficiency.

LionBRIX offers charging in most efficient way and its eco-friendly charging technology proves as the ultimate alternative for industrial battery applications.

  • Complete Batteries – from 24V/80Ah up to 400V & 1000+ Ah
  • BRIX Battery Modules - these flexible Li-ion based modules comes in 3 sizes; BRIX 105 Ah, BRIX 150 Ah, and BRIX 210 Ah
  • eBIRX Battery Management System – takes care of the cell module balancing as well as monitoring, communication & data storage. Ensures minimum energy consumption and maximum life of the Li-ion battery. Available for eBRIX 24 V & eBRIX 48 V
  • iBRIX indicator – informs the operator about the State of Charge of the Li-ion battery
  • LION Charger – optimized for lithium ion batteries

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