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Capacity : 1000-5000 kg • Lift Height : Up to 1800 mm

Maini's range of scissor lifts are designed to enhance productivity, ensure safety and optimise efficiency. These equipment are ideal for efficient loading / unloading operations, cargo and vertical transfer operation for warehouses and factories.

Available in floor and pit mounted versions, these scissor lifts are designed to match ground level area with the functional loading area associated with vertical transfer operations. Solid scissor legs and full length deck supports minimized deflection. Well designed electrical system alerts operator. Each lift cylinder is encased in a weather resistant steel housing. Precision velocity fuse on each hydraulic cylinder eliminates platform free fall. Sturdy rails, lips and barrier chains can be provided at both ends for operator's safety.

All Scissor lifts are provided with hose burst safety valve, limit switch cut off 8- tow guard [available only with railing] as standard safety features.


  • Railing
  • Lip
  • Interlock Swing Door
  • Outside Interlock Collapsible Gate
  • Pendant
  • Remote Control Pendant
  • Weight Bearing Under Shut Condition
  • Beacon
  • Safety Trip Bar
  • Bellows
  • Hydraulic Lip