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Battery Monitoring Unit

Access- Battery Monitoring Unit gen. 2

Default radio network


  • New State Of Health calculation, battery actual capacity in statistics
  • Improved State Of Charge with compensation for self discharge
  • Added alarm for low state of charge (threshold configurable)


  • Equivalent battery units, % of capacity discharged per 24 h
  • Average discharge and charge current in history log
  • 24 h log, data from the last 24 hours stored as history
  • Increased instant log memory size


  • Interface for Android, NFC compatible, tablets/smartphones
  • Tap the NFC symbol on the BMU with your device to read out statistics, configure or set time
  • Range: 2 - 4 cm
  • Available in EN, SE, DE, ES, PT language (automatically set according to device settings)
Shunt for cable intercell connectors

Shunt for cable intercell connectors

Meassuring device for lead bar connectors

Shunt for cable intercell connectors

Combined acid level and temperature sensor

Shunt for cable intercell connectors

Intelligent CHARGING

  • Can we determine the remaining service life of the battery?
  • Actual capacity is an indicator of battery health.
  • Calculating the actual capacity by state of charge and charged energy.
  • Continuous capacity test.
  • Gives a good indication of the remaining lifetime
  • Can be compared to actual usage (low electrolyte level, temperatures, deep discharges) to determine the service life affect of different usage
  • SOC algorithm with SOH determination in BMU (gen II)

BMU Pro mounted on battery

BMU Pro Gen 2

BMU Pro UL Gen 2

1. + connection

2. + connection

3. Acid level and temp sense

4. BMU

5. :

6. :

7. – connection

8. – connection/voltage balance sense

9. Shunt and cables for lead bar sensing