Periodic maintenance and inspection of industrial batteries

Periodic maintenance and inspection of industrial batteries

Maintenance of industrial batteries is the most integral part of any facility management. To have a regular check-up of industrial batteries will undoubtedly save from unnecessary costs of repair and maintenance charges. If not maintained, failure of industrial batteries will jeopardize the entire operational activity in an industry.

It is recommended to hire trained service managers to do the periodic maintenance and inspection of industrial batteries. An expert in this field will establish appropriate ways for battery maintenance without affecting the safe working environment. To have a preventative maintenance program at your disposal is a great way to keep your industrial batteries in a good condition. Having a smooth business means maintaining your industrial batteries periodically.

Here’s how an industrial battery is maintained –

  • Do not keep the battery in discharged mode for more than 24 hours; regular charging of battery is essential part of industrial battery maintenance.
  • Switch off the charger before disconnecting batter plug.
  • The surface of batteries should be kept clean and dry.
  • Checking the condition of inter-cell connectors, jars and vent caps.
  • An industrial battery should not be discharged over 80% capacity.
  • Overcharging of batteries is highly dangerous; it can lead to short circuit and ultimately damage the battery cells.
  • It is advised to keep the level of electrolytes of industrial batteries at a proper level. Adding of distilled water will raise the electrolyte level.
  • A discharged battery should never be watered.
  • The connections of battery should be put together clean and dry.
  • Extreme temperatures will eventually shorten the life of batteries. Batteries should be stored between decent temperatures of 60 to 90 Fahrenheit and recharged monthly to maintain their charge.

For a smart long term life and top notch performance of industrial batteries, taking care of them should be the first priority of every industrialist.

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