Our Brands

Orizen brings in world leading brands who deliver high quality products and spare/parts through us. We have tie ups with specialty product suppliers who are experts and masters in their field.

We then support these brands with excellent support, superior service and faster response time. We are well equipped with infrastructure, skilled technical staff and decent vehicles to serve the needs of warehousing industry. Our principals are:

Founded in 1993 EP Equipment has become one of the top players in the world of intralogistical solutions.

Right from a start EP Equipment focused on electric and has kept this focus until today. Nowadays, EP Equipment stands for highly innovative products in the field of warehouse trucks, that just fit the need of our customers.

With a core competency on small warehouse trucks, EP Equipment has focused its efforts on the needs of the retail, manufacturing and distribution industry. At EP, we believe that urban logistics is a mega trend, that needs new, smart solutions and we have those solutions already today.

Website: www.ep-ep.com

TAB Aqualess traction – PzRM Batteries
Website: www.tab.si

Micropower Group, Sweden
Global Leader in Battery Chargers & Battery Management Solutions
Website: www.micropower.se

Battery Watering Technology, USA
Innovative and cost effective solutions in battery-watering technology.
Website: www.batterywateringtechnology.com

Website: www.nalift.cn