LionBrix: definitive guide for industrial battery users

LionBrix: definitive guide for industrial battery users

As we are approaching a new decade, all most all industrial operators are much aware about to curb the carbon footprint. Induction of lithium-ion batteries is a blessing and these are now being used in a number of applications including material handling equipment. These are safe and able to power the equipments for longer period of time without causing any pollution. These are safe and require minimal investment on maintenance.

What is LionBrix and How It Works?

LionBrix is known as battery management system unit that provides charging and monitoring solution to the Lithium-Ion batteries for industrial solution. Needless to mention, there is a rapid transformation in different industrial sectors. They all are now moving towards smart energy solutions and it is possible with the help of lithium-ion technology. LionBrix will assist the industrial operators to fasten charge of the lithium batteries and in this way, industrial operators will experience less downtime and maximum productivity.

LionBrix system comes with:

  • Brix Modules
  • eBrix Connection
  • Brix Battery Pack
  • LION Charger

Accumulating all these things, the entire charging system will work to power the batteries.

At the present time, LionBrix has developed highest performance battery system that will power your industrial equipments for longer period of time lessening charging time. This system comes with high performance along with best life time of battery storage along with flexible and competitive modular lithium-ion system. These are available for different applications starting from 24V/45Ah to 400V/1000Ah. If your application requires more, it is also available to power that. The most interesting thing is that, this system will let the users know about the function, charging, remaining charge in batteries, through their laptops. This connection is completely wireless and the user can easily monitor it without any hassle.

Application of LionBrix Battery System

LionBrix can be easily power up electric vehicles, electric material handling equipments, and electric utility equipments. These are designed to work under any kind of harass environment. The waterproof quality makes this battery system more user-friendly and an ideal choice for automotive marine industries. These fully integrated and optimized for the highest requirements. This is main reason for which, maximum industrial operators are using this battery system to power up their industrial fleet. These are easy to use and takes less time to charge perfectly. Once they get full charge, they will power the fleet for longer period of time. At the present time, it will be a smart decision to upgrade your fleet to this non-polluted and high performance battery system.

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