LionBrix: An Industrial Power Wizard

LionBrix: An Industrial Power Wizard

Energy is the main source of development. Fossil fuels have been using from long time in order to meet the energy needs. According to experts, this source of energy is going to be finished within five decades. In order to replace this energy source, researchers are now using electricity. From mobility to different industrial operation, electricity is being used vastly.

After the innovation of Lithium ion batteries, there is a revolution on using electric equipments in different operational areas. It is known as next generation power source and will continue for longer years to come.

LionBrix lithium ion system is known as a fully integrated and combined with high performance lithium ion batteries. This technology is known as one of the best alternative to ICEs and now being used in different electric vehicles to meet the industrial needs. Most of the material handling equipments like forklift, pallet truck and stackers are being operated with this system.

How LionBrix lithium ion system works?

LionBrix system is designed to provide power supply for many electric vehicles. This system is fully modular and it includes different type of modules with 3.65V along with the capacities with 105, 150 and 210 Ah. These systems can easily produce power from kWh to mWh. This system can be produce up to 1000V. These systems are highly protected to different environmental factors.

Is it is necessary to use LionBrix system for commercial purpose?

All most all the commercial vehicles are being run by ICEs. Diesel is the prime fuel of all these engines. In this way, they contribute heavily on global carbon footprint. Additionally, these vehicles were the main reason of polluting work environment in industrial sector. Therefore, switching from conventional ICE to electric vehicles is truly a smart step. Unlike lead-acid batteries, lithium ion batteries are known for their cost-effectiveness, light-weight and high power storage for longer endurance. LionBrix system provides necessary power supply to the electric vehicles for the commercial use. It also takes care of the cell module and monitors the safety and uses. In this way, lithium ion batteries will get a technical shield from over charging and overheated issue. The lifespan of these batteries will go up compared to others.

Electric vehicles are the alternative to ICEs. LionBrix system has made use these electric vehicles more efficient, user-friendly and cost-effective. It will truly make your commercial use more venerable.

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