Keeping your forklift batteries charged during lock down

Keeping your forklift batteries charged during lock down

Why Forklift Battery Care matters during Lockdown or in December Holidays?

To improve forklift battery performance, safety, life & efficiency, we must follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and battery care instructions. See below checklist which will guide you to keep your electric forklift battery alive/safe during the pandemic lockdown/long period of no work.

Storing your Forklift Battery during Lockdown

  • Lead acid forklift batteries must be stored in a charged condition. Ensure that all cells are topped up with battery water and cell plates are not exposed to air.
  • During such periods, they should be stored in a clean, cool, dry and well ventilated location away from radiators, hot air ducts or other sources of heat, and protected from exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Any leads should be disconnected or insulated to prevent accidental/self discharge.
  • The top of the forklift battery must be protected from dust, foreign matter and moisture. Do not attempt to dismantle the forklift battery.
  • If the ambient storage temperature is 40” degrees Celsius or higher, the specific gravity of the electrolyte should be checked at least monthly.
  • A freshening charge is also recommended just before returning a forklift battery to service.

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