How to uncover the environment from acid smoke

How to uncover the environment from acid smoke

Effects of global warming are increasing at a faster rate, wherein the rising sea levels and extreme change in the climate remains one of the biggest issues of humanity.

The major human influence is the emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and methane from industrial activities. These toxic gases are polluting the Earth’s atmosphere, thus causing heat waves and wildfires.

Another reason for Earth’s rising temperature is the type of tyres being used in the industrial sector and the repetitive use of those tyres. Generally, a tyre is made out of strong rubber layers and contains harmful carbon footprint.

There is no doubt that new industrial tyres can cost very high, this is why many businesses decide on to go for used tyres because they seem like a supreme way to save some bucks on repair and maintenance costs. However, many industrialists fail to understand that a used forklift tyre pose serious threat to the environment.

Forklift tyres are made of chemical compounds like rubber, synthetic and mostly carbon black. Using the same tyre again and again leaves a ton of carbon footprint on the ground. Often at industrial sites, you may get to see many waste tyres dumped in pile and when there is no room left for the waste, they simply burn them up leading to massive toxic smoke in the air. Thereafter, the oily residue left after the burn gets mixed up with groundwater resulting in water contamination. Tyres are regarded as the major source of microplastic pollution.

Industrialists need to fathom why it is safer to use the right type of tyres for industrial fleet. A right type of forklift tyre is one which is built with eco-friendly materials which aren’t a risk to the surroundings. Using an eco-friendly tyre can substantially reduce potential harmful outcomes on our environment.

At Orizen Group, our tyres are manufactured from best rubber material coupled with special rubber mix of wear-resistant tread to give the driver a comfortable ride while carrying heavy loads. Additionally, these industrial tyres are invented from a group of international experts which use environmentally sustainable components linked with innovative technologies to provide tyres with low carbon footprint.

It is evident from this, industrial tyres play a vital role in balancing the future of our environment and it is of utmost importance that we invest in the right type of forklift tyres.

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