Our Culture & Values

Our Culture & Values At Orizen incorporates our ability to think national and act regional. This ensures that we get the most out of our capabilities so that our clients can receive the best quality systems and services.


Decentralized Structure


Orizen Group operates in an entirely decentralised organisational structure. This allows for daily operations and decision-making responsibilities to be delegated to the individual company owner managers.

As such, Our Culture & Values At Orizen prepares for emergencies, efficient decision making and in business expansion. Our entire group is divided into independent companies located in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. We boast a standard operating procedure for service & back up which is clearly defined. Moreover, we will respond within hours if any faults/breakdowns are reported. As such, you can maintain your productivity and performance.

Orizen Group has launched a 360-degree mobile app called i-Serve for your smart phones. This forms part of Our Culture & Values At Orizen as you can report a service or fault on products. In this, we can provide you with immediate and efficient service. Clients will be notified electronically, and can track progress of our Orizen Group technician.

  • Team Work within Group:​
    Our Culture & Values At Orizen has allowed our staff to be product champions and masters in their own chosen field, task, product and service.
  • ​Long term relationships:
    We build strong ties with our customers, suppliers, bankers and stake holders. As such, we confidently provide our services with absolute certainty of the enhancement of performance and reliability.
  • ​Loyalty:
    We offer loyalty as part of Our Culture & Values At Orizen towards our suppliers, bankers and other service providers.
  • ​Ambition:
    Our passion is to do more in order to grow our businesses and exceed the customers' expectation.
  • ​Responsibility and Accountability:
    We set our minds to achieve perfection in all departments and with every facet of our business. As such, we encourage criticism so that we can improve our processes.
  • Continuous LEARNING and SKILL development:​
    Our Culture & Values At Orizen includes the determination to increase our knowledge and skills at all times. If you want to be the best you have to learn from the best.


Succession Plan


We continuously look to develop a leadership culture and knowledge transition process which is clearly defined across the entire business. The senior executives are provided with skills to become potential candidates for leadership. The board gets involved in the planning process at all stages. Furthermore, there is a high level of transparency between board members. The Durban Group Company is jointly owned by a local Durban resident and the Cape Town Com-pany is jointly owned by a local Cape Town resident. Finally, these combined factors create an ideal succession plan. This is due to the enablement of each company to forge ahead under a new leadership as and when it is required.