Pallet truck safety

April 15, 2021

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Safety is always the first priority when using material handling equipment. This becomes more important when customers and other individuals that are unskilled in the proper handling of pallet trucks are in the vicinity.

Be aware of the risks presented to customers and take the necessary precautions to increase pallet truck safety, particularly in a retail environment.

Pallet truck safety tip 1

The first step is to never leave a pallet truck unattended around customers. When not in use, or if the operator needs to step away, the pallet truck needs to be secured in a safe, monitored area. Implement policies that strictly prohibit leaving pallet trucks in the aisle while other tasks are completed.

Pallet truck safety tip 2

Being efficient is important when you’re running a business. However, to avoid any unnecessary safety risks, recommend that your pallet truck operator consider an alternative route to minimise customer contact, even if it is a longer route.

Pallet truck safety tip 3

Implement restricted access to ensure that only trained employees use the pallet truck. Managers need to limit the use of pallet trucks on the retail floor to only those who understand how to use them properly around customers.

Pallet truck safety tip 4

Depending on the size of your store and the stock kept on hand, you might need larger equipment. Don’t use a pallet truck if the loads exceed the weight limit. Also keep in mind that using more or larger equipment increases the safety risks around customers.

Pallet truck safety checklist

  • Check brakes, steering, controls, forks, hoists, and warning devices before operating.
  • Look out for water, oil, or other liquids on the floor and report it to your supervisor.
  • Avoid moving loads up or down ramps.
  • Keep the forks about 10 to 15 cm above the ground.
  • Watch for clearances on both sides of the aisle.
  • Never carry riders on the pallet truck.
  • Centre the forks evenly under the load to ensure it’s balanced.
  • Use both forks to lift the load.
  • Be aware of other people and forklifts in or near your work area.
  • Park the pallet truck out of traffic areas in a safe, level place with the forks lowered.

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