Industrial Batteries Myths vs Facts Series 1

Myth: Battery warranty/life is 4 years

This is really a huge challenge for all of us as some companies in South Africa advertise that the new batteries supplied by them come with 4 years warranty.

Fact: Battery is designed for certain number of cycles at particular Depth of Discharge (DOD)

Actually, a Battery is designed for certain number of cycles. (Cycle meaning 80% use of capacity, which is one discharge of this battery to 20% capacity and then again recharge the same battery back to 100% capacity). If a user keeps following the above charging cycle once every day without abusing the battery, then the battery life would be 1248 cycles i.e. 4 years (6 days, 52 weeks, 4 years =1248 designed cycles). However, if the battery is discharged only to 40% of its rated capacity every day, then the battery life would be 2000 cycles or 6 year PLUS.
While in some cases if the battery is discharged by 90% then the life would be 1100 cycles or less than 4 years.
Industrial Batteries supplied by Orizen Group are designed for 1500 life cycles at 80% DOD (depth of discharge) i.e. 20% LIFE CYCLE ADVANTAGE AT SAME PRICE
Orizen also supplies batteries designed for 1800 life cycles at 80% DOD. This will help the customer to use his forklift for 10-12 hours and he can rely on two such batteries instead of three for his 24-hour operation.

Periodic Maintenance can magically Improve the Battery Life.

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