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Why Should You Rent a Lithium-ion Forklift?

March 4, 2022

Category: Electric forklift solution

Industrial forklift equipment is an essential element for many industries. A forklift is an industrial tool that assists in lifting, and transporting large and heavy pieces of cargo. They get their name from their fork-like prongs that are used to lift heavy load.

Many industries, including warehouses, dockyards, recycling operations, warehouses, etc. use forklifts for their operations. Forklifts come in many variations. Some permit operators to sit within them and operate the machine, while some do not. They can have either combustion engines or electric batteries. Whatever the forklift’s specifications may be, their widespread use makes them ideal for all. It is important to choose the right forklift for your need. A good forklift is key to efficiency, speed, and success. Electric forklifts and lithium-powered forklifts are just that. Let’s take a closer look at what makes these two types just so powerful.

Electric Forklifts

Electric forklifts are the cream of the crop when it comes to forklifts. Their efficiency, durability, and premium quality make them the right fit for most any job you need to carry out. Warehousing, distribution, manufacturing, etc. are all viable activities with an electric forklift.

Electric forklifts are battery-powered. The battery is the primary power source of the forklift and also helps in stabilizing the equipment. The battery can be recharged at will, the forklift is operator-friendly, and it also has lower emissions than a regular forklift. Higher power, greater speed, and easier maneuverability – electric forklifts cover them all.

For anyone on the fence about the forklift they should go with, electric forklifts are the ideal choice. They are the most popular choice amongst all forklifts and will provide you with all the services you need without compromising on productivity. With an electric forklift, not only are you making your job more convenient, but you’re also protecting the environment one forklift at a time!

Lithium-powered Forklifts

Lithium-powered forklifts are a subcategory of regular electric forklifts. The key difference here is that a lithium-ion battery is used in place of a lead-acid battery. Lead batteries were the primary power source for electric forklifts for several years. However, an increasing shift toward lithium-ion batteries has been noted. This can be attributed to their higher efficiency while minimizing the damage done to the environment.

We have listed below some of the benefits of using a lithium-ion battery for their electric forklift and electric forklift rental:

  • Low risk of overheating– Lead-acid batteries, when overheated, can lead to an explosion. Lithium-ion batteries have their own battery-management system that ensures temperatures operate in safe ranges only.
  • Low ergonomic risks– Lithium-ion batteries are very light when compared to a lead-acid battery. Ergonomic risks among workers are much lower.
  • Low forklift risks– Lead-acid batteries must be removed from the forklift to be charged. This isn’t the case for lithium-ion batteries. Not only can they remain in the forklift when being charged, but they also have longer run times.
  • Separate charging station isn’t required– Unlike lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries don’t emit harmful gases while charging. A separate room isn’t required and risks are also lower.
  • No watering required– Lithium-ion batteries are completely sealed and require no watering. Watering lead-acid batteries is a dangerous task and if not done correctly, can cause serious injury to the person in charge.


Electric forklifts and lithium-ion forklifts are the future of the forklift industry. While lead-powered forklifts are still useful in certain scenarios, lithium-ion forklifts reign supreme as the best of them all. They offer higher efficiency, safer handling, and environmental protection all in one neat package. This makes them the ideal choice for many. Let's explore about the Electric forklifts and the Electric forklift rental solutions in South Africa with Orizen Group.

Choose lithium-ion forklifts for your needs and you won’t regret it.