What is the future energy source for Forklift?

October 15, 2020

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We all aware of the level of pollution cover up the environment as scrap, fossil fuel is responsible for that some extent. The era of fossil fuel is about to end soon because of the limitation of fossil fuel. However, electric vehicles have replaced the conventional internal combustion engines. This change is being seen in every sector nowadays.

In the material handling sector, 2nd generation lithium forklifts have now successfully inducted to meet the industrial requirement. But, this move is not enough to meet future environmental challenges. Most of the electric vehicles are using lithium-ion batteries.

According to experts, the process of making lithium-ion batteries is complicated and can’t be termed as 100% Eco-friendly. Secondly, these batteries create a serious threat to the environment, if not practice a recommended disposing process. For this reason; industrial operators are now switching to “Hydrogen fuel cell” to meet the future energy requirement. Hydrogen- The Ultimate Future Energy Source

Harnessing of hydrogen

Hydrogen fuel is a complete clean energy and it can be easily harnessed from water. This process is also simple. Hydrogen mainly harnessed by electrolysis process. In this process, the water molecules get decomposed and it turns to hydrogen and oxygen. Oxygen extracted to air and hydrogen gets stored to fuel the engines.

However, electrolysis process needs outer energy source. Once this process gets started perfectly, it will fuel the vehicle for several miles.

Use of hydrogen on vehicles

Hydrogen has been using as fuel by NASA from 1970. Researchers have started using it in commercial vehicles from current decade. Its popularity is growing day by day and it is a complete solution of energy crisis. After hydrogen get burned with oxygen, water comes out as by-product and it is not harmful to environment. At the present time, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles have hot the roads and it is being used in maximum transportation modes including cars, busses and in material handling sector. According to estimation, by 2050, hydrogen will be the main fuel for maximum vehicles over the world.

The future journey of Lithium Ion batteries

Lithium ion batteries are made from Lithium which is a limited source of energy just like other fuel. The lifecycle of Lithium ion batteries are 2 to 3 years. Therefore, they are not able to meet the future energy requirement. However, researchers are trying constantly to increase its lifecycle. In this way, they will be able to store more energy compared to current batteries. It will make a great contribution on electric vehicles.

Which Lithium-ion battery powered forklift you want to use?

Let’s have a look of these 5 best lithium-ion batteries you currently used, and going to be used mostly in commercial and mobility vehicles in 2021

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