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What are The Benefits of Using a Lithium-ion Battery for a Forklift?

Nov 23, 2022

Category: Forklift Battery

Today, companies are transitioning to alternative energy solutions like lithium-ion batteries for forklifts. They are discarding the traditional lead acid battery, which was once a great option. Though lithium-ion forklift batteries cost more, their advantages outweigh the cost. The initial battery investment will offer you higher returns and many more benefits. Let’s explore the benefits and advantages of the lithium-ion forklift batteries here.

  • Less maintenance
    The major drawback of lead acid batteries is they require a lot of maintenance. You need to water it daily, and acid spills are common. It typically increases the labour cost, time and energy to maintain it. On the other hand, lithium-ion battery requires no maintenance, thus resulting in reduced labour needs and warehouse costs. Also these lithium-ion batteries give optimum performance and long lasting benefits.
  • You can charge the lithium-ion battery whenever possible
    A major benefit of such batteries is they are designed for the ease of the user. The warehouse owner can fully charge the battery in less than 2 hours within the facility. The easy exchange facilities of these lithium-ion batteries attract more customers to go with their forklifts batteries.
  • They are more efficient
    The lithium ion forklift battery is more efficient than the lead acid battery because lead acid batteries experience degradation if charged excessively. However, the lithium-ion battery will stay in good shape irrespective of how they are charged.
  • They last long
    Another reason people have transcended to lithium-ion battery forklift batteries is that they work for a longer period and have higher runtimes than lead acid batteries. Lithium batteries will last four times more than lead-acid batteries. There is no drop in the discharge cycle, and the forklift will work like it did when it started. However, lead batteries experience a voltage drop of 20% of the power. The extended life span of Li-ion batteries helps the forklift to work seamlessly and stay productive. Your team will perform more, and you don't have to pause or change the battery.
  • They are covered by warranty
    The lithium battery for forklifts comes with a longer warranty than lead-acid batteries. Hence, you don't have to worry about battery performance.
  • Safe for workers
    Many safety hazards pose a danger to workers, especially forklifts using lead-acid batteries. Taking a heavy battery out and replacing it with a newly charged one increases the damage to the equipment and the person operating it. Accidental acid spills are the most common incident. The lithium-ion batteries outweigh the costs by safeguarding the workers and providing them extra protection. Moreover, you don't need to change the battery often, and there is no risk of accidental acid spills. Since there is no gassing during the charging process, the battery will not emit harmful fumes that impact your warehouse environment.
  • It requires less power to charge the batteries
    The forklift lithium-ion battery will get charged soon and require less power, reducing energy use and saving electricity since the combustion engine will emit no fumes during the charging; hence it is safe for the environment. On the other hand, lead acid batteries are made from lead and sulphuric acid; hence they pose a danger and risk to the employees if not handled well. Improper maintenance can cause a fluid spill. Also, the charging station needs to be closed and vented as the battery will emit fumes when it charges.
  • No additional battery room is needed
    Another benefit of using lithium-ion batteries is that you don't need a dedicated space for storage and maintenance. In the lead-acid system, you require a battery room where the battery is placed and charged, and during this charging time, it emits dangerous fumes, so the room needs to be well-ventilated, thus increasing the costs.
    The lithium-ion battery does not have a gassing problem, and you can charge anywhere; there is no need for a specific dedicated, well-ventilated storage room. You can charge it in your facility also. Thus it lowers your operating costs and increases the productivity of the workers.
  • Soft on environment
    Come on, we all know how the environment is getting degraded by our poor choices. If you want your warehouse to be environmentally sustainable, selecting the lithium-ion battery for forklift trucks is a great choice. They are better than a lead acid battery and do not cause damage to the warehouse, workers and overall environment. They are more energy efficient than lead acid batteries and do not emit harmful gases during the charging process. Switching to lithium-ion batteries for forklifts will reduce your carbon footprint also.
  • 10. It does not contain toxic gases
    Acid spills are also harmful to the environment, which happens with lead-acid batteries. Since Li-ion batteries do not contain toxic gases or harmful substances, it is safe for employees and the environment.
  • It saves your overall cost
    Lithium Ion battery helps the warehouse increase uptime and saves energy bills and money. While, to be transparent, it may cost more upfront; its benefits make it a worthwhile investment. If we do the calculations, the total cost of ownership is less than the lead acid battery.

How will it save you cost?

  • You don't need to maintain Li-ion batteries, thus saving your labour cost.
  • You don't require cleaning up the battery and charging it after every shift; this reduces your time and operational cost.
  • It lasts longer than a lead acid battery; hence the workers will focus on important tasks and stay proactive the entire day.
  • Since it is energy efficient, it saves your utility bills too.
  • You don't need a dedicated space or well-ventilated room to charge the battery. Thus, saving your storage cost.

Concluding thoughts

While the lead acid battery is a traditional choice, the Li-ION battery is a sartorial choice among warehouse managers. Though the traditional battery may cost less, it will not help you maximise effectiveness in the long run. Hence, we advise you to swap to Li-ion batteries for a forklift because these batteries require less monitoring and maintenance and can hold battery abuse too. Contact to Orizen Group in South Africa to buy the best forklift batteries and other forklift accessories at great price.