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Understanding Forklift Battery Equalization & Why It Is Important

Sep 29, 2023

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If you fail to perform equalization charges on your forklift battery regularly, this could cause serious damage. Read on to understand what forklift battery equalization means and the reason to do so.

What Is Forklift Battery Equalization?

An equalizing charge is an intentional overcharge to remove sulfate crystals built on battery plates over time. Unchecked sulfation reduces the battery capacity and can render batteries unserviceable. Furthermore, equalizing charges also help reverse acid stratification, where acid concentration at the bottom exceeds concentration at its top.

Comply with your battery manufacturer's recommendations regarding equalization charges. Depending on your battery, an equalization charge could take 3-15 hours. Hence, keep this requirement in mind when organizing your work schedule.

Routine charging practices are vital in how efficiently forklift batteries power equipment. Charging can also extend its working life span. Hence, not neglecting this process for your forklift batteries is essential.

How Does Forklift Battery Equalization Help?

Suppose you fail to equalize your lead-acid batteries regularly. In that case, sulfate will build up over time until it reduces capacity and limits how long each battery can last before needing replacing or charging during work shifts. Eventually, this means more battery swaps or additional time spent on charging throughout each shift - costing time and resources in total!

Also, note that forklift batteries consist of multiple cells connected in series. Due to differences in cell characteristics or unequal charging and discharging patterns, voltage differences may arise over time between cells connected in series. Equalization helps restore the cells to a uniform voltage level, so they contribute equally towards battery capacity and performance.

Also, battery equalization will improve the battery's overall performance. Forklifts need to operate consistently and predictably to meet their operational demands. Equalizing the battery ensures that the forklift's performance remains stable, and operators can rely on it to perform their tasks efficiently.

When To Perform an Equalized Charge on a Forklift Battery?

Equalization charges should be performed as suggested by the battery manufacturer. However, many companies prefer equalizing their batteries on weekends due to long charging cycles. A standard lead-acid battery typically needs 8 hours for full recharge. Yet, an equalization charge takes 3 hours or so to fully charge. Equalization intervals can differ depending on your application, type/size of battery used, operating hours, etc.

How To Perform Equalized Charge on a Forklift Battery?

Orizen Group understands the importance of battery maintenance to extend their longevity and optimize the performance of forklifts. Hence, we provide all equipment and chargers necessary for performing equalized charges on forklift batteries.

It's important to recognize that not all battery chargers offer equalization features. Working closely with us - as your trusted partner - ensures you have access to suitable charging equipment for your forklifts and can help you select an individualized charger solution tailored to your needs.

Some models automatically equalize each battery cell during regular charging, simplifying the process and ensuring your batteries remain balanced without manual intervention. When performing manual equalization charges, it's essential to follow all manufacturer's guidelines closely to successfully balance each cell and perform an equalization charge.

Equalization charges generally involve applying a higher voltage to a battery, which can produce more heat. Therefore, equalization charges must include extended cooldown periods instead of traditional charging to ensure safety and keep batteries healthy over time. Adequate cooling time ensures users can safely utilize equalization charges without risk.

Orizen Group - Your Trusted Partner For All Your Forklift Battery Needs

At Orizen Group, we are dedicated to supporting your forklift fleet's maintenance needs. Whether you require automatic equalization technology or need guidance on manual equalization procedures, our experts are here to provide you with the right equipment and knowledge to keep your forklift batteries in peak condition. Reach out to us today for any of your forklift battery needs.