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Should You Buy or Rent an Electric Forklift in South Africa?

Oct 25, 2022

Category: Forklift Battery

Whether fleet managers, construction project supervisors and warehouse keepers should buy or rent the electric forklift is an age-old dilemma. The answer depends on your needs. Buying and renting the electric forklifts for your business in South Africa becomes more challenging now with every aspect.

Before buying or renting the electric forklifts, think about the following factors.

  • Budget
  • Current needs
  • Future projects
  • Availability
  • Project type
  • Use
  • Availability of the forklift
  • The location where you reside

There are enough reasons why people prefer to rent a forklift rather than buy it. For example,

  • Less cost
    The first reason people prefer to rent a forklift is that there is no need to incur buying costs. Handling a forklift is not easy. When you hire the forklift, the responsibility is on the hiring company. Many companies have special discount rates for clients who hire long-time forklifts. In this way, you can save a lot for your business.
  • Get access to variety of machines
    You can buy the forklift of your choice without owning one. There are many options to select from depending on trucks and load; you can select it. Hiring the forklifts in rent gives more access to choose new range of forklifts according to your business requirements.
  • It is not risky
    Renting an electric forklift is viable because you don't require bearing maintenance costs when you are not working with it. Also, hiring the electric forklifts will reduce your business operation cost with ease.
  • The rental company follows safety measures
    The electric forklift battery can damage, and other accidents can occur due to a lack of knowledge of handling the machine. The rental company provides a safety measure teaches you how to use the machine. It reduces the chances of disaster while hiring the electric forklifts in South Africa.
  • 5. You can avail of the latest forklift models and technology
    Renting helps you use the latest forklifts with advanced technology. Since buying a forklift is a one-time investment, upgrading it will never be a choice. Hence, by renting the forklift, you can work with the new models with better capabilities and improved productivity.
    While renting a forklift comes with several benefits, buying it is a better choice if your company is located in a remote area. Here are some reasons why renting an electric forklifts in South Africa seems a viable alternative to the business.

Why Buying a Forklift is a Better Choice?

  • Your work timings are more
    Sometimes, the work is heavy, and you need electrical material handling equipment for more hours. Renting for a long time might get costly for the business. Hence, buying the machine is a better choice because you have the flexibility to work on it without a time limit, and it helps you to meet the business demands as well.
  • You get a customized machine
    Buying an electrical forklift is better than renting if you need to lug different types of equipment. The rental company provide services only what they are obliged for. If there is specialized work, buying the machine will help you meet your needs.
  • Reduced cost
    While initially, it may feel that renting a forklift is better if you are low on budget, hiring it again and again can be expensive because the cost per month would be higher than the investment you have made for the lifetime.
  • Buying the machine will help you to meet business demands
    Since the forklifts machine is available when you need it; hence the downtime is reduced. This way, you can meet your business demands on time, satisfy your clients and achieve a higher rate of return.

So, what is the best option to buy or rent the forklift?

There are both benefits and disadvantages to renting forklifts. Renting it can become more expensive if you hire it for a longer time while buying it will waste resources if you don't use the equipment often. Here are some questions to think over before deciding on renting or buying the electric forklifts in South Africa.

  • Will renting delay the job?
  • Will you require more hours to get the job done?
  • What is your budget?
  • What type of project are you working on?
  • Do you have the finances to handle the equipment?
  • Do you need the machine continually?

It's best to think about these questions before investing in the forklifts and other material handling equipments or machine. Ensure that you have a complete understanding of your current operations and consider future projects. Every business requirement is unique in nature and it’s depending upon the business type to buy the electric forklifts or rent the forklifts in South Africa.

Final Thoughts

While most businesses believe that the best way to reduce maintenance costs is to rent a forklift, it could improve the business's overall value. However, renting can be disastrous if your business's present and future needs are not determined. So, whether you plan to buy or rent a forklift, partnering with a reputable dealer is the first step. The Orizen Group have dedicated experts who can help you answer whether renting or buying the forklift is best for your business. Get in touch with Orizen Group in South Africa at: +27 83 508 4897 for more details.