Maintenance of Diesel Starting Locomotive Batteries

Diesel locomotive batteries work as prime mover in any diesel engine. Diesel vehicles are considered to be best in terms of efficiency and have a longer lifespan while maintaining a great overall mileage.

Diesel-electric Locomotive Starting Batteries are the most common and popular range of diesel batteries.

They have bolt-on inter connector cells inside due to which they do not need much maintenance, however, like every industrial batteries, detail inspection is a must to keep them working more efficiently.

  • To have a proper idea on how to handle these batteries always read and follow the manual for basic guidelines.
  • With its easily removable cells, any faulty cells can be removed and replaced immediately.
  • Always try to be specific about the position of pilot cells. There must be specific Gravity of pilot cells- rotate pilot cells.
  • Before using diesel batteries, collect a sufficient amount of electrolyte to fill the battery cells. While filling electrolyte, make sure the temperature must be between 77°F and 90°F
  • Maintain a decent electrolyte level. Inspect if the level has dropped, it add more electrolyte.
  • Never remove the special airtight valves from the moist batteries (which comes without electrolyte) until it is ready to be used.
  • Cleanliness is of utmost importance while keeping a check on the batteries. Check the connections and wiring regularly.
  • Diesel batteries should be kept at a cool, clean and dry place. Prohibit smoking or source of heat near the batteries.
  • Before storage of batteries, it is necessary that the batteries be fully charged. Disconnect if it is not in use, this will reduce the possibility of discharge.
  • Do not overcharge the batteries more than the required current. This might damage battery cells and reduce its longevity.

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