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How to Choose the Best Forklift Battery in South Africa?

Oct 01, 2022

Category: Forklift Battery

After determining Forklift Battery size, the next important thing to consider is which type of Electric forklift batteries you want to use for your forklift. Electric forklifts are powered by these two types of batteries that give optimum performance for the material handling equipments-

  • Lead acid
  • Lithium-ion

What is a Lithium Ion Forklift Battery?

Lithium-ion batteries were introduced in the 1990s in a commercial for the Sony camcorder. It uses various chemicals to power up the forklift. Lithium forklift batteries are energy-efficient and compact in comparison with lead-acid forklift batteries.

There are many advantages of lithium-ion batteries. They are-

  • Fast charging
    One of the good things is they can be recharged fast, within two hours.
  • Consistent power
    They provide constant power when the forklift is in use.
  • Low Maintenance
    You don’t require water, clean, or equalize the Lithium forklift battery.
  • Opportunity Charging
    It can be opportunity charged in any setting.

Though the lithium-ion battery is a bit more expensive than its counterpart lead acid battery, it’s because of the advantages it delivers to the user. The Lithium-ion batteries give high performance to the forklifts and last for long time if maintain it properly.

What is the Lead Acid Battery?

They generate power using electricity through a chain of chemical reactions. The lead acid battery is the most common type of forklift battery. They are easy on the pocket than a lithium-ion battery. Lead acid forklift batteries rely on chemicals reaction to generate electricity for powering up forklifts, so they need regular maintenance and must be properly charged. Also, it has inconsistent power, which means the battery doesn’t deliver the same power level when the forklift is being used.

Forklift Battery Life Cycle -

The cost of the battery is also one of the business expenses you need to deal. How often forklift workers change batteries depends on the battery type you use in a forklift. Lithium-ion forklift batteries and Lead acid offer a different number of cycles.

  • Lead acid forklift battery- 1000-1500 cycles
  • Lithium ion battery- 3500 cycles

These are the average number of cycles per battery. The lifespan of a battery depends upon the maintenance and how it is being used. Lithium-ion battery needs fewer changes than a lead acid battery.

Forklift Battery Capacity Maintenance -

No matter what battery is in your forklift, it is important to maintain them for them to perform at their full potential. To maximize battery life and capacity, one must take a few measures. Lead acid forklift battery is a little more maintenance than lithium forklift batteries. You need to equalize the lead acid battery from time to time and kept in a suggested temperature range for better working life. Water level management is necessary for this battery type. You must check the water level once every 10-15 charging cycles.

On the other hand, Lithium forklift battery requires no low maintenance as they can equalize automatically, don’t need any water level management, and works well at high temperature.

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