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Choosing the Best Forklift Batteries for Your Business Operation

April 23, 2022

Category: Electric forklift solution

Dependable forklift batteries can help you increase your uptime, productivity, and return on investment. However, the incorrect battery (or maintenance plan) might lead to reduced performance or downtime in the worst-case scenario. When the batteries in your forklift malfunction, business comes to a halt. Even a short period of interruption - productivity loss, disruptions, and contract consequences – may easily outweigh the cost of the forklift battery. So, how can you optimize uptime and reduce maintenance costs of such electric forklift batteries? Thus, the optimal strategy combines battery choices with other best practices to provide the highest battery dependability, safety, and effectiveness.

Where to Buy Forklift Batteries?

The forklift batteries are an essential business investment. Begin by choosing the appropriate batteries for your operation, and before you purchase or lease a new forklift battery, consider the following questions:

  • What is the voltage of the vehicle?
  • How large is the compartment?
  • Will I require a cover?

When batteries are designed better, constructed to exact specifications, and combined with a higher-quality component, they last more, need less maintenance and minimize frequent sources of downtime. Orizon Group brings you high-quality forklift batteries South Africa that need little maintenance. Further, they are made locally and are among the best-engineered batteries on the market. So, by adhering to the battery best practice, you may extend the life of each forklift battery and avoid the need to buy a brand new forklift battery.

Considerations When Buying Electric Forklift Batteries, here are a few things to consider when buying electric forklift batteries.

1. Type of Batteries

Currently, there are two types of batteries are available on the market and also with Orizon Group, including:

  • Lead-acid batteries
  • Lithium-ion batteries

Lead-acid batteries, the most common kind, are liquid-filled and include a detachable top. They generate energy when a chemical process between the lead plates and sulfuric acid happens. However, lithium-ion batteries are the more recent technology of the two. Lithium-ion batteries are now widely utilized in smartphones, tablets, and electric cars. Additionally, they are becoming increasingly prevalent in airport ground support and warehousing equipment, like forklifts.

2. The Service Life

You're making a significant financial commitment, and you want to get the greatest value for your money. So, it is important to consider the full life of your battery. The kind of battery used by businesses influences how often operators must change it - an essential consideration when calculating the entire cost of forklift battery upkeep. The lifespans of lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries are very different. Each has an average service life of:

  • About 1,000 and 1,500 cycles for lead-acid
  • About 2,000–3,000 cycles

Why are these life cycles significant? A battery's life cycle determines how often it needs replacement. Further, this is a significant aspect to consider when planning a battery maintenance and upkeep budget.

3. Time Spent on Maintenance

As discussed before, if a battery is not maintained properly, its life may be significantly reduced. Further, maintenance time can be expensive. So, certain precautions must be taken with a lead-acid and lithium-ion battery to enhance service life. Lead-acid batteries, on the other hand, demand greater attention.

Final Say

So before investing in or purchasing electric forklift batteries, it is best to weigh down all your considerations and then decide. Orizon Group can assist you in selecting the right type of battery for your forklift operation. Contact us today.