10 Secrets Only the Battery Service Experts Know

Almost all the industrial operators are witnessing a heavy induction of batteries in their fleet. Gone those days, when they had to depend on the ICE fleet. Now electronic MHEs are replacing these conventional fleets and these high-tech vehicles are being operated by batteries. However, these vehicles also require the same amount of periodic maintenance as conventional vehicles. It is important to know all about the battery and their pros and cons all together.

Here are the more advantages you are going to grab from the Aqua less battery:

  • Less maintenance
    Be it lithium batteries or acid batteries, they truly need almost zero maintenance from the industrial operators. Unlike fossil fuel run engines, they don’t need any kind of regular maintenance.
  • Longer life
    Industrial batteries come with a longer life cycle. If they are being charged according to a given guideline, their lifecycle will be increased. However, it needs to be properly learned about the accurate charging and other things regarding the batteries from the experts. This is the main reason for which it would be great to follow expert’s tips.
  • Reduced energy use
    No matter whether it is a lithium ion battery or lead acid cell, they both require less energy to charge up compared to consuming energy in ICEs for performing the same task. In this way, industrial operators will go the extra mile to leverage their cost.
  • Lower technical complexity
    Industrial batteries don’t need any kind technical complexities while connecting or getting recharge. Therefore, it is quite easier to maintain these things in this way when you get all these things all together. This is the main reason for which it would be great to come with these batteries that are truly making a great contribution to your own industrial operations.
  • End of life
    Battery's end of life cycle is not as straightforward as that of lead-acid batteries. While 99% of lead-acid batteries are recycled, only 5% of Lithium Ion Batteries are. And lead-acid batteries are less costly to recycle than Lithium Ion because most manufacturers factor recycling costs into the price of the product.
  • Longer run time
    Batteries with longer charging capacity will continue to supply the energy to the material handling equipment and this process is going for a longer period of time. In this way, there is no need for human intervention during this process.
  • The more you’re charging get exhausted the life cycle will complete faster
    The more you’re charging gets exhausted, the lifecycle of the battery will be finished that way. Therefore, it would be best to follow the battery guidelines. If they are followed, the battery will be gone for a longer period of time.
  • Charging limitations
    The charge time of most chargers is about 3 hours. Full charge is attained after the voltage threshold has been reached and the current has dropped to 3% of the rated current or has leveled off.
  • Faster charging
    Most of the battery manufacturers come with faster charging options. In this way, the charging time will be reduced and able to meet the industrial needs by downing the shut down hours. It is something that will always make the industrial equipment operational.
  • Limited operation period
    Almost all the industrial operations by batteries have some limitations. They can’t go beyond that. However, all these operations will be done till the batteries have exhausted the charge completely.

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