Advanced Battery Management System

Advanced Battery Management System

The Wikipedia defines a battery management system (BMS) as any electronic system which manages a rechargeable battery (cell or battery pack) by protecting the battery from operating outside its safe zone, monitoring its site, calculating secondary data, reporting that data, controlling the environment and balancing it.

Orizen Group is a leading distributor of industrial battery and chargers for material handling equipment and for other warehousing industry.

The battery management system is the most concerned part of new energy automobiles. It is due to their outstanding delivery of productivity; many industries are effectively working towards saving their money.

There are many benefits to utilizing to an advanced battery management system in relation to industrial application. Battery management is a cost-effective and most dependable option for the control and automation of many industrial applications.

The importance of a BMS can be put up in three aspects. Firstly, many electronic devices drain a lot of power. By using a battery management system, it not only reduces the overall power consumption, it also drives down cost as well as increases productivity and security. Secondly, since many industries are taking serious steps towards its ecological footprint, BMS is a savior for the environment as an organization can reduce its overall energy consumption drastically. The third aspect is, it prolongs the battery life for systems that are portable without affecting the working style of an organization. It keeps the battery in best workspace and improves the efficiency and service life of the battery.

AWS in Battery Management System

Battery management system consists of automotive watering system which is suitable for electric forklifts. To note, industrial batteries need to be watered so that they don’t burn out. In order to have a higher life expectancy for industries batteries it is really important that they are watered properly. If one fails to water them at the right time in a right way then it can eventually lead to downtime and increase in maintenance services and risks the lifespan of the battery and its safety.

In this matter, Micropower Group offers the best Battery Management System. Micropower new high-performance access chargers that come with the battery management solution can also communicate with each other wirelessly and indicate the battery with the best state of charge as the choice for the forklift driver. It saves time and increases battery life, improves forklift and its operator efficiency.

In the battery management system battery monitoring unit plays a vital role, Micropower’s BMU is a very efficient tool for surveillance. It’s wirelessly communicates with Access battery charger and Access Service tool. The Unit indicates battery status for charged and discharged, acid level, battery temperature and also adjusts the battery charging power to keep it optimized.

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