About Us

Orizen Group is a leading supplier of Industrial Traction Batteries, Battery Chargers, Solid Tyres and Electric Forklift Trucks. On top of our supply of high-quality Electric Forklifts, we cater to a whole range of battery operated warehousing equipments. This includes Electric Pallet Jacks, Semi and Full Electric Stackers, Pow-ered Pallet Trucks, Order Pickers and Tow Tractors. We also provide Narrow Aisle High Reach units which is a wide range of Electric Material Handling Equipment (MHE).

Orizen Group is committed to offering world class MHE Products. All products are individually sourced from world leading manufacturers of batteries, chargers, tyres, and forklifts. As a present distributor across all major locations in South Africa we have expanded into neighbour-ing countries like Mozambique, Botswana & Namibia.

Orizen Group believes in products that simply work. As such, we offer a unique products carved out of various critical parts choices to suit your application with only one thing in mind. That is a customer’s total cost of ownership should be the lowest when they compare our offer to an-yone else.

We provide application-based solutions, powering an uninterrupted and cost-effective operation. We have structured our business around this statement & below guiding principles which are now embedded in our DNA.


Precision and Reliability


We aim to lead the path and transition from commodity driven product selling (mainly on price) to system driven solution selling (add value, better price). As such, the battery becomes the voice for forklift to say - Put me on charge, let me recharge my body to give you The Lift. We boast the ability to bring several industry-first solutions to South African Market. We offer multiple battery options to suit all kind of operations and shifts. Orizen Group is the 1st company to offer the below battery options under one roof in South Africa:

  • Standard Lead Acid
  • Aqua-less Lead acid
  • Sealed Gel
  • Power Square Lead Acid
  • Fast Charging Batteries
  • LFP & NCA Lithium Ion Batteries

Being a long-time player, we have been accepted with open arms as we offer all round excellence. Orizen Group has acquired strong expertise in Material Handling Equipment Sales, Service and Maintenance. Our team is well equipped with knowledge, skills and expertise to ensure low cost of ownership and service excellence for our customers. We have launched various outstanding offers, fair price rental options as well as forklift refurbishment and other maintenance services.

Why Choose Us


Orizen is the one stop solution for Forklift batteries, Battery Chargers, Battery watering systems, BMU, Electric Forklifts, Solid forklift tyres and intermediate material handling equipment’s.


Orizen is a specialty electric forklift truck solution provider for any kind of operation. We offer single shift, double shift and 3 shift operation battery solutions as per customer need. Orizen currently employs Sales and Technical staff with a combined industry experience of over 150 years which is unheard of in the industry considering the recent development of these technologies.


All our team members are high-qualified, educated and skilled experts. All of them are being trained according to the latest technologies. Our apprentices work together with experienced colleagues to study all the details.