We seek to create value across our network which includes suppliers, customers, shareholders and employees alike. We have done this in a competitive and challenging market through our innovative business model. We will continue to pursue responsible & profitable growth, as we believe that business is all about creating value.

At Orizen it’s our endeavour to work around these 4 guiding principles and design systems and processes to achieve every one of them.

  • Ensure that customer gets complete designed life cycles (80% DOD) from industrial battery, which is a capital intensive purchase.
  • Ensure that customer’s forklift doesn’t stop working because of fault on battery and/or charger and that its rectified as soon as HUMANLY possible. (It will be our endeavour to create a 24 x 7 x 365 back up structure with response time within working hours and resolution of problem within 24 hours).
  • Ensure that we bring in latest technology products that are features driven & energy efficient and help reduce operating costs. (Micro power chargers up to 95% efficient). We sell value and complete solution ensuring that Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is the lowest in our industry.
  • Offer choices to customers to suit the products they need for their specific application.
    • Choices of batteries include Water less, 10Hr-shift duration, batteries accepting Fast charge, Sealed Gel batteries, Li-Ion and Rental batteries.
    • Choices of chargers include Multi-voltage programmable, Single voltage -multi current, Robust chargers for dirty environment, Fast chargers, IP54 & IP65 chargers
    • These Products are coupled with innovative warranty policies.

Dream / Strategic Intent:

Orizen intends becoming:

  • One of the Top Two Industrial Battery & Charger company in RSA.
  • A company that gives its shareholders the most value on their investments over time.
  • A company that is most sought after by employees to work for in battery industry.
  • A company that its stakeholders (suppliers, bankers & customer) admire to do business with.

Orizen is nowhere close to where it wants to be but then...

– Anonymous

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