Think National Act Regional : We Understand :-

  • It might take 9 months for a quote to get converted to an order in Capetown (Mother City).
  • We might have to add a bit of spice in our quotes & service in Durban.
  • We are expected to deliver like yesterday in Johannesburg.

Succession Plan:

  • Durban Group Company is jointly owned by a local Durban resident & Capetown Company is jointly owned by a local Capetown resident.
  • Teamwork within group companies

Decently decentralized structure:

For prompt and effective decision making to provide superior service to our clients.

Long term relationships:

Build with our customer, suppliers, bankers and other stake holders.


Towards our suppliers, bankers and other service providers.


Our passion to do more, grow our businesses and exceed customers expectation.

Responsibility and Accountability:

Going hand in hand. We don’t mind owning up our mistake, if it happens.

Continuous LEARNING and SKILL development:

We often play and enjoy listening to the song ” Higher Ground” by the group UB40.

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