5 Common Reasons to Replace from Normal to Aqua Less Battery

5 Common Reasons to Replace from Normal to Aqua Less Battery

At the present time, all most all the industrial operators prefer to switch from the conventional fossil fuel operating machines to pollution less electric vehicles. As a result, they are getting exempted from the huge investment on fossil fuel and it will truly make a great contribution on their business. Switching from the conventional battery system to aqua less battery will be a great investment to get maximum operational advantages compared to other machines.

Accurate watering system methods are truly important to keep the forklift working throughout their life expectancy. As a result, this type of forklift battery maintenance can start to become a huge investment in the case if your battery becomes damage from over or under-watering. This is the main reason or which, it would be great to switch from conventional normal batteries to aqua less battery system.

Here are the more advantages you are going to grab from the Aqua less battery:

  • Enhanced performance
    There is a misconception that, switching from the conventional to aqua less batteries will reduce the performance. It is truly wrong. Aqua less batteries requires absolutely no extra counterweight and can be easily maintained on quarterly preventative maintenance plan. Plus, it gives higher performance compared to normal batteries.
  • Longer life cycle
    Aqua less batteries need no watering in between. Therefore, an aqua less forklift battery goes more cycle life and compared to other conventional batteries. They will be easily go for fifteen hundred to two thousand cycle lives that will always give a boost to the business. These batteries go for almost eighty percent depth in discharge rate.
  • Suitable for both medium and heavy applications
    Aqua less battery is able to be fitted with both medium and heavy applications. This battery system can power almost all the electric material handling equipments. These are including Forklift, Reach Truck, Walkie Pallet Jack, Walkie Stalker and Order Picker.
  • Reduced investment on maintenance
    When you are using water less battery to power your electric material handling equipments, they will reduce watering issues along with maintenance costs without requiring to sacrifice the batteries to run life cycles. Although, valve-regulated batteries are environmental friendly but you have to pay more in terms of reduced life cycle along with lost capacity. Aqua less battery is five to six times more efficient compared to normal batteries.
  • Reduced charging factor
    Normal battery comes with charging factor. They get discharged instantly and they need charging within short period of time while aqua less batteries don’t need charging after a longer operational period. In this way, the operators are experiencing less downtime and enhanced benefits.

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