Nexsys Batteries

NexSys– The Thin Plate Pure Lead Batteries for Sophisticated Performance

NexSys Motive Power from EnerSys is one of the most dynamic pure lead batteries available in the market, today. Launched in November 2017, these batteries have transformed into a series of performance up-gradation that made NexSys one of the most trusted and Zero Maintenance batteries of the current era. To some significant extent, NexSys batteries have transformed the way of operation of truck fleets with its signature technology of fast charging, opportunity charging, depth of discharge, zero battery change (ZBC) and absolutely no maintenance. With its thin plate pure lead technology and sophisticated design, NexSys offers cost savings along with operational benefits as compared to gel and flooded batteries.


With its advanced configuration and manufacturing, the NexSys batteries are ideal for sensitive areas, shops, public places and such others. Its less gas emission, NexSys batteries offer an ideal operational condition that is suitable to be used in anywhere with better cost efficiency and virtually zero maintenance. Its special use in material handling equipment such as counter-balancing trucks, AGV, LGV, Order pickers, Pallet trucks makes it a popular choice in industrial segment.


An entire range of advantages can be drawn in favor of NexSys motive power batteries. For customers it can offer high efficiency in terms of high discharge depth (up to 80%). Its pure lead construction offers higher energy density with an excellent lifecycle of 1450 cycles with 60% DOD. The NexSys batteries offer high energy throughput with up to 160% of C5 per 24 hours. The batteries are suitable for multi-shift operations with quite short recharge time. The designated charging rate of NexSys batteries it offers quite a reliable performance, longer life cycle and shorter recharge time for vivid profiles of operation. Some of the most prominent advantages for the users are:

  • Stable and high performance with high discharge rate
  • It can operate in partial charging condition, which aids in high availability
  • Opportunity charging minimizes the need for recharges
  • Its virtually maintenance free
  • Offers an excellent lifecycle
  • High energy throughput
  • Minimum gassing offers ideal conditions for sensitive areas
  • Its reduced carbon footprint makes it more environment friendly
  • Smart charging and quick charging
  • Suitable for multi-shift operations

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