Ironclad Batteries

EnerSys Ironclad Batteries – The most efficient Tubular Batteries with Improved Lifespan

EnerSys is one of the oldest manufacturers of Ironclad batteries for the industrial forklifts. With its typical square tubular design, volumetrically this battery reserves more power than conventional batteries and offer higher average voltage for forklift applications. This means quicker lifting, quicker moving and higher speed than any other conventional batteries. Ironclad batteries also come with the highest ampere-hour (AH) capacity in its segment and offer more effective power for industrial usages. With EnerSys advanced charging technology, the Ironclad batteries outperform most of the batteries in its segment with 120% more productivity and 15% more power.

Ironclad batteries are designed to sustain highly demanding applications with higher voltages. It is also able to sustain the voltage fluctuations during discharge process and as a result the forklifts and other material handling equipment run for a longer time than on normal lead-acid batteries. Designed for 1800+ charging cycles, Ironclad batteries outperform most of its competitors offering almost a year more of durability in most of its applications. Higher sustained voltage and lower ampere draw produces less heat in Ironclad batteries offering it another advantage of reduced maintenance and associated costs.


With its highly advanced architecture and square tubular positive plate, the Ironclad batteries offer more surface area to retain more charge. This combination of more positive surface area and electrolytic exposure, Ironclad batteries offer fewer charging requirements and longer self-life prior to change of batteries. This is the reason why this is most suitable for small pallet trucks, larger industrial forklifts and such other material handling equipment units.


There are so many advantages to the EnerSys Ironclad batteries due to its compact size, advanced designs and robust cell frame. They offer higher charge retention, wider range of voltage offset and lesser current delivery. Some of the key advantages of Ironclad batteries are:

  • Powerful and compact
  • Square tubular for more surface area and quicker charging
  • Highest ampere-hour capacity
  • Longer run time
  • Less head dissipation during discharge process
  • Most stable performance even in demanding tasks
  • Wide range of application with small to large material handling equipment
  • Higher average voltage in forklift applications
  • Reliable and rugged performance in demanding work environments
  • Low maintenance and operational costs
  • Wi-iQ modular charging compatible
  • Particularly suitable for heavy-duty applications

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